Abuelo Pedro

Pedro Juan Beltran Aguilar was born in Puebla, Mexico. He grew up in a large family with eight siblings. He completed elementary school and then had to leave his education behind to work full time. Motivated by wanting to help his family, he crossed over to the United States illegally to work.

Abuelo Pedro went back and forth several times to work in the Los Angeles area. He had a variety of jobs that included a tire repair shop, a slaughterhouse, and an orchard where he picked oranges and lemons. When he was 30, he was caught and deported to Tijuana. Instead of returning all the way to Puebla, he settled in Ensenada and worked in the fields until his body was unable to.

Abuelo Pedro never married but he had a long relationship with a woman that lived in Stockton California that produced three sons, Gerardo, Julio and Luis. Being deported has complicated the process for getting his paperwork in order. But he still dreams of getting things straightened out so that he can return to the US to see his boys.

Abuelo Pedro celebrated his 77th birthday on February 3, 2023 at Casa del Abuelo with the staff and the other abuelos that he calls family. He said that when he was alone and unable to care for himself anymore, he prayed for a place where he could get the help he needed. God answered his prayers with Casa del Abuelo.

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Casa del Abuelo cares for more than 20 abuelos at a time. They operate entirely on donations to cover expenses for water, propane, gas, food, transportation, and medicine. For $50 a month you can help provide these essential items for an abuelo.

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