Abuelo Miguel

Miguel Angel Camargo Bernal grew up in the border city of Mexicali. His proximity to the United States gave him the opportunity to work over there. He spent almost twenty years as a bus driver going to and from California, bringing tourists across the Mexican border.

Miguel married twice and had three children, one with his first wife and two with his second. He dedicated his life to working to provide for them. He says that he believed being a good father meant you had to make a lot of money. But looking back, he wishes he would have spent more time with them. He regrets missing out on seeing them grow up and building relationships with them.

Miguel is 70 years old now and has been living at Casa del Abuelo since February 2022. He says that being here has helped him physically and emotionally. He has been able to reflect on his life and confront the decisions he made. He is now working on repairing his relationship with his estranged children.

Miguel wanted to share this bit of advice with anyone reading his story, “Do not abandon your family. Do not give up on them. Family comes first and is worth more than any job or career.”

Adopt an Abuelo

Casa del Abuelo cares for more than 20 abuelos at a time. They operate entirely on donations to cover expenses for water, propane, gas, food, transportation, and medicine. For $50 a month you can help provide these essential items for an abuelo.

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