Abuela Maria del Carmen

Maria del Carmen Milla Villanueva, better known as Abuela Maricarmen, came to Casa del Abuelo in May 2021. She loves to talk but not about why she ended up in Angelica's care. She said those memories are bitter. Instead, she shared about her childhood and her family.

She was born in August 1950 in Sinaloa. She admits that she was a handful as a child but she still laughs about it when she tells the stories of how mischievous she was. Her favorite thing to do was to hide in a high traffic area and hit passersby with her slingshot!

She married when she was 17. She came to Ensenada when she was 20 with her husband and their two children, Delfina and Rafael. She worked wherever she could find a job but her favorite was as an events decorator for a banquet hall. She loved making paper flowers and balloon arches.

When asked if there was anything else she wanted to add she said this, “Seek God, He is the only one who can save you. The things of this world are temporary but His salvation is eternal.”

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