Abuelo Jesus

Jesus Meneses Antonio was raised by his uncle in Oaxaca. He was unable to go to school but the local teacher taught him how to read and write in her spare time. She gave him a notebook and a pencil and assigned him homework to make sure he was retaining what she taught him.

When he was 14, his uncle got him a job working on a fishing boat. At 18, he joined the navy. After his active duty was over, he decided not to re-enlist and returned to working on fishing boats. He came to Ensenada in 1969 on one of those boats. He liked the area and decided to make this his home.

Jesus never married but he did have a long term relationship that gave him a son. After his uncle passed away, his son was in an accident and he lost him too. Having no other family, when Jesus was no longer able to care for himself, he came to Casa del Abuelo.

Jesus is 78 years old and has trouble walking. He shared that being cared for full time by Angelica has been a great experience. He said that she doesn't make him feel like a burden. “Actually,” he said, “this place, these people, it feels like a family. I love everything about being here.”

Adopt an Abuelo

Casa del Abuelo cares for more than 20 abuelos at a time. They operate entirely on donations to cover expenses for water, propane, gas, food, transportation, and medicine. For $50 a month you can help provide these essential items for an abuelo.

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