Abuelo Guadalupe

Guadalupe Lopez came to Casa del Abuelo in June 2019 in the back of a pick up truck, his wheelchair strapped down so that he hopefully wouldn’t fall out. As crazy as this may sound, it was an extreme act of mercy because Guadalupe had just spent three days out on the sidewalk, in front of the hospital. The hospital had discharged Guadalupe because they said there was nothing they could do for him. He spent 72 hours outside, alone, confined to his wheelchair. He was hungry, cold and had soiled himself several times.

Guadalupe's medical condition was far more complicated than any abuelo Angelica had ever cared for. The main obstacle was that Guadalupe’s muscles were so rigid he could not do anything for himself. Because he literally could not move, he had several ‘bed sores’ that were infected. Angelica had to feed him, bathe him, and dress him as well as tend to the sores as best she could. Even though she struggled to move him without hurting him, he still constantly told her how grateful he was to be in her care.

Angelica shared that Guadalupe changed completely over the ten months he spent at Casa del Abuelo. Being clean, fed, and cared for restored his dignity. He also accepted Jesus as his savior which gave him a brand new appreciation for life. Days after being baptized by Pastor Nicolas, Guadalupe shared a dream he had with Angelica. In his dream, he was standing up, taking a shower, and he could feel the water running from the top of his head all the way down to his feet. When he woke he knew immediately what his dream meant. He said, “God showed me in this dream that He washed away all of my sins with His love.” Guadalupe passed away a few days later. He was 65 years old.

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