Abuela Gabi

Gabriela Carranza Huerta, better known as Abuela Gaby, is originally from Jalisco. She came to Ensenada with her family when she was 20. She worked in housekeeping at a resort hotel until she married and became a mom. She raised three children into adulthood. Her oldest son got married and moved away. Her middle son passed away unexpectedly. And her daughter Ana is in prison.

Gaby and her granddaughter Hiromi arrived at Casa del Abuelo in November 2021 when Ana, Hiromi's mother, was arrested for vehicular manslaughter. Gaby sold everything of value, including her home, in an effort to keep Ana out of prison. When Ana was convicted, Gaby was left to care for her granddaughter full time, and homeless.

When Angelica heard about Gaby's situation, she invited her and Hiromi to come stay at Casa del Abuelo. Angelica said, “This is a unique situation, and we are not really set up for housing children, but at the end of the day it is still an abuela in need.” She arranged for Gaby and Hiromi to share a room and made it clear that they were welcome to stay for as long as necessary.

Gaby has been at Casa del Abuelo for several months now and is getting more and more comfortable. She shared that she is very thankful for Angelica taking her in. She says that the other abuelos and the staff have been very kind. In March 2020, when schools resumed in person classes, Gaby enrolled Hiromi in kindergarten. Shortly afterwards, she went to live with a close family friend that has children her age. Hiromi is enjoying living with them and going to school.

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Casa del Abuelo cares for more than 20 abuelos at a time. They operate entirely on donations to cover expenses for water, propane, gas, food, transportation, and medicine. For $50 a month you can help provide these essential items for an abuelo.

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