Cinthia Zavala Carrazco is only 43 years old and most definitely not a grandmother. She was the victim of a drive-by shooting that left her in a coma for several months at the Ensenada General Hospital. When she awoke, the doctors explained that a stray bullet severed her spine leaving her paralyzed from the waist down. She came to Casa del Abuelo temporarily while her siblings could gather the resources to come pick her up.

Though Cinthia was only at Casa del Abuelo briefly and under special circumstances, she was very open to share about her past, her poor choices, and the freak accident that brought her to Angelica. She said that everything in her life pointed to one thing, God is real and He wants a personal relationship with her.

Referring to her wheelchair she said, “I'm here to get to know God. He manifests daily and shows me His mercy. And now, I take His commandments seriously. Everything I do is for God. Everything I say, I want it to be for His glory. I want to serve Him and more than anything I want Him to be pleased with me.”

Cinthia is not angry or bitter and she certainly does not pity herself. Her advice on staying positive is to draw closer to God. She said, “When you focus on Him, your perspective changes. Besides, my suffering does not compare to what He gave up for me, to save my life. And whatever you might be going through, yours doesn't either. Draw close to God. You'll see everything differently.”

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