Abuela Amalia

Amalia Ramirez Gonzalez arrived at Casa del Abuelo in February 2021. She had been in the Ensenada General Hospital for several weeks. During her stay, the hospital staff was unable to find any next of kin. When she was ready to be discharged, they called Angelica.

Amalia is 79 years old and is originally from Puebla. She struggles with her memory and remembers pieces of her past in spurts. She knows she comes from a large family with 8, maybe 10, siblings. She remembers working at a restaurant called Alfredo's as a young girl. She loved their food.

Amalia was married to a man named Jose Luis for many years. It was his idea to move to Ensenada. When he passed away, Amalia didn't want to go back to Puebla so she stayed here. She believes they had children but Angelica hasn't been able to locate any.

We asked Amalia what information she wanted us to include in her story. She said, “Tell them that nothing gets resolved by crying about it. And tell them I love to dance. If anyone is having a party this weekend tell them to invite me.”

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